Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Almost Christmas Concert this Friday

Yesterday I received the following email from St Paul's Sinfonia previewing this Friday's concert. Having thoroughly enjoyed the first two concerts of the season I can confirm the standard is as high as ever:

"I am writing to invite you to the Sinfonia's last concert of 2009. Not strictly Christmassy, but festive and joyful nonetheless, the December concert is full of fun and high spirits entirely appropriate to the season. The programme is as follows:

Mozart - Symphony No. 31 'Paris'
Matt Rogers - exile
Bizet - Symphony in C

We present two brilliant symphonies, and in the middle, the first work by our Composer in Residence. exile is a concerto for French horn and orchestra, and we are thrilled to be able to welcome Timothy Jackson, co-principal horn of the Philharmonia Orchestra, to play the solo part with the Sinfonia's accompaniment. The work exploits the ritualistic history of the horn, and includes a virtuosic movement for the orchestral horns alone, 'shadowing' the soloist as he careers through the music.The concert starts, as usual, at 7.30 p.m., and tickets are available on the door any time from 7 p.m. We hope very much to see you there!"

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Lassoing the Circle

Yesterday I happened to find myself on the "old" Circle Line for the last time. Travelling from Bayswater to Baker Street I found myself assisting various bemused tourists who (quite understandably) were trying to match the freshly applied maps and route diagrams with the old service, and failing. Maybe delaying application of the new maps until Saturday night would have been too difficult, but surely a note could have been added beside the "new" route section to give the start date?

Trying to describe the new shape of the Circle over the phone a few days ago, I suggested it looked rather like a lasso. It seems I am in good company according to the Evening Standard - really how could anyone suggest it resembles a tadpole?

Back blogging!

Wow, that was a long summer break! Must try harder in future - and if I find time to do some "catch up" posts about some of the places and things I've seen since August...