Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tidemill School

Somewhat surprised this morning to switch on BBC Breakfast and the salary of my local school's head was the top national story! Surely there must be more important events in the world to report even on a Tuesday morning? Happily a more balanced report has just appeared on the BBC website.

Whilst not wanting to give the story any more prominence than it already has (Darryl at 853 has just done an excellent post setting out the facts and a debate is going on at Kate's Brockley Central blog) my gut reaction was what has he done to deserve being plastered over the media like this? He's done absolutely nothing wrong - unlike many individuals who I shall refrain from naming who have been rewarded much more handsomely for doing much less worthy jobs.

My personal impression of Tidemill (and I admit the only occasion I actually visit it is as a polling station) is of a school providing a good education, which given its age and location is something which should surely be praised rather than criticised?