Friday, 19 March 2010

A Night at the Jane

I spent my first night in NY at the Jane Hotel in the Meatpacking District. It was probably the only hotel offering rooms at (just) under $100 on New Year's Eve, not en-suite of course but what do you expect at that price?

Added to the attractive price was an attractive history. Back in 1912 surviving crew members of the Titanic were billeted here when it was a sailors' hostel. The maritime theme continues in the tiny "cabins" though widescreen TVs, Wi-Fi and iPod docks are concessions to the modern age.

Sure the odd death happens every now and again but that's life... I'd have been happy to stay longer but having booked another keenly priced room at the Chelsea Garden Inn it was time to move on - but I just remembered to grab a shot of the impressive entrance lobby as I left.


darryl said...

I've stayed in the Jane twice - in Nov 09, shortly after it opened (when that lobby was still being built) and about six weeks before that dead body was found! I loved it, comfy rooms and the long-term residents were fine.

Did you check out the try-hards' bar beneath the place? Even the man on the desk couldn't help laughing at it...

SE8KER said...

I didn't, it was a bit of a lightning visit! I must say I thought the staff were fantastic, very keen and helpful.