Sunday, 12 July 2009

Shelter Signs: West End

As promised, more old Second World War shelter signs, this time from the West End. Although all of these are at eye level they are much harder to spot than their Deptford equivalents, being a fraction of the size and badly weathered. Fortunately I had the very informative book London's War by Sayre Van Young to help guide me. All of these signs point down to vaults and basements...

At 25 Longmoore Street Pimlico (stretching the definition of "West End" a bit):

And just down the way at 36 Longmoore Street:

To save straining your eyes, (I think) it reads "public shelters in vaults under pavements in this street".

Moving on to between 42 and 48 Brook Street, near Grosvenor Square:

And at 72 Brook Street:

And similarly at 43 Upper Brook Street:

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Anonymous said...

We've also got a quite clearly visible sign saying 'shelter for 400' or smthg similar on the railway bridge on Ladywell Road. Amazing that the paint hasn't worn off over the years!